Presidential elections 2012, Russia and others

I have just commented in French about the election of Vladimir Putin for president of Russia. I am not going to comment on him, since a very good article on the subject has already been published by Peter Hitchens. In short, westerners have nothing to approach Russia, the battle with the post-communism corruption is far from over and far from being easy to deal with, and Putin is far from ideal, but, as in Poland and Hungary, Russians are not as liberal as the West would like it to be. A Stalinist was no.2, and only 17% seem to have voted for him, so anti-Putinists really just wasted their time, having no good candidate… Just, read the article!

Now, a short announcement. This blog will cover the presidential elections in Egypt, France, the USA (including the internal elections in the GOP), and maybe a few others. Comments are coming soon!


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