US and French presidential elections

We have news on the presidential elections in the States and in France.


As I have already said in a previous post, I endorsed Ron Paul as a president for the United States. Though I am not a libertarian, Paul endorses more Conservative (and Christian) values than all the other Republican candidates.

But now, it seems fairly obvious the Republican candidate for the elections will be Moderate (and Mormon) Mitt Romney. While I don’t want to attack his religion, I do not think that Americans should find it dangerous for his post, I think that he is not worth voting for. I think that loyalty to the Republican Party is useless – it never was neither a Conservative, nor a Christian party. He will continue the useless neoconservative war in Afghanistan, like Santorum and Gingrich. While I think that it is disputable whether or not healthcare should be guaranteed by government, RomneyCare is something people should read about – in Wikipedia for example. Here is also his position on abortion – he has “moved” more to the pro-life, but he still has the position of nominalism – a baby is a choice, and it’s use for one person is not the same as for another. He is no Christian in his values, and no Conservative in any sense.

What I hear from the Americans I know is that they will not vote. That is not for me to even advise it or not, but I always think that we should try to make the difference. Otherwise we have Virgil Goode, the minor paleocon Constitution Party candidate – an interesting person – my readers could read about him. I also will congratulate those who vote Ron Paul, and even write his name in the elections when in the end a Republican faces Obama – but here, they have to be reminded that they can do better…


The American Conservative has published two articles on the subject – here is 1 and 2.

In short, the two presidents that have a chance on the second round are right-wing liberal candidate and incumbent president Nicolas Sarkozy (second on the first round yesterday) and left-wing (social-democrat) François Hollande (first yesterday). Nationalist Marine Le Pen was third, and those who support her may support Sarkozy, but the French must really think why him if not only to prevent Hollande from ascending to power. Sarkozy has shown Euro-skepticism and opposed drug-legalization, and the fact that he is moderately against immigration and is not a cultural Marxist like Hollande may gain him the votes of parents and Le Pen supporters. If it doesn’t, Hollande wins and France will take a step leftwards.

My personal opinion is different from the USA – Sarkozy and Le Pen (the former alone has a chance, I think) are the lesser evils. Don’t forget, presidents in France (like in the US today but unlike the US Constitution) play an important role, so I think it is important that at least Hollande doesn’t become a president.

By the way, do not be fooled by Marine Le Pen – she is too much of a globalist, capitalist, republican and a secularist for a Christian or a Conservative to see her as the candidate.


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