Updates – June 2012

After an exam session and a week of repose, I am back. There were many subjects on which I have thought, and here I am going to cite them and explain a little:

  • The French legislative elections. Well, while some of my traditionalist friends in the social networks show interest for the Front National, I share the opinion of a French royalist who says the FN is part of the republican system. True, and while legitimists tend to distrust the Alliance Royaliste (a small royalist party which doesn’t support a particular king), I think that it was the one worth voting for (where possible). Of what I am aware, it is the Renouveau Français that shares many of my views, but they didn’t go to the elections, for they are a small party. I have my disagreements with French republican pro-Laïcité nationalists, such as Marine Le Pen, and I think that if I were French, I wouldn’t vote for her. Only half of the population voted, and though I have doubts that the other half are very sceptical of republicanism, I think that this opens a ground for a debate in which monarchy can be put on the table.
    Anyway, the Parti Socialiste won the elections with an absolute majority. I don’t know if the UMP (right and centre-right wing) would have been better, but because of their pro-abortion and liberal stance, I wouldn’t have voted for them. We should know that this party is an alliance of Gaullists and Liberals, it is strongly democratic and on the last elections it lost its centrist voters. The socialists know that now, the parliament is in their hands. But they also know that it is in Brussels that many things are decided, so their victory is not yet complete.
  • I have recently thought about addressing the questions if Christians are to be militant traditionalists or accept the fall of Christendom? I think that, even if the end of times may not to be associated with the fall of Christendom and the decline of European culture, we can still see the anti-Christian culture as a gift from God. Hostility maybe eventual persecutions, are part of a purifying suffering which we should not refuse, and for which we should be prepared. One of the biggest evils, if not the biggest, of social-democracy, socialism and communism is that they think government ought to eliminate suffering and make us happy. But this is not true, not only because happiness is to be protected, not provided, but because it is precisely through happiness that man becomes self-sufficient. Being completely happy and self-sufficient is either pretending, or a loss of one’s humanity. It is unnatural for man not to suffer, not to feel incomplete, and it is often those things that make us long for our Creator. So, if Europe is to stop mourning, the Church will have to distance itself from it, for she shall continue to mourn, pray and long for God.
  • I am divided on the question of Islam. I still admire Peter Hitchens and other Burkeans, but talking mostly about liberty is still very liberal. Recently, Lawrence Auster wrote about how Alternative Right blogger Robert Spencer defended the freedom of the provocative pop-singer Lady Gaga to corrupt Indonesia. While I have many reservations, both for Islam as a religion and as politics, I think that Muslims in Indonesia are right – Western liberals are to keep their Gaga for themselves, and if conservatives somewhere on the globe have a chance to oppose any of this with success (yes, including banning hard rock and metal bands that I like) – I stand behind them. Now, traditionalists in the West are far from being well-represented, so that Muslims can support us, but they should know that we will not use them as an excuse for diversity. If they are ready to defend the social order, the way it was in Christendom, they should support us, not pro-Gaga leftists or rightists. We both hate abortion, degradation and often disagree with the West’s interventions in the Near- and Middle-East.
  • Talking about our interventions in the East, I think that the George W. Bush story repeats itself. The Arab spring opened the door for access to the resources in the lands down there. The Western political and bourgeois classes show once again that they don’t care about the persecutions that Christians are going to suffer in the areas so that at least we try to protect them. Islamism will oppress Christians, and while opening the door to democratic elections, they have opened the door for an Islamist (and probably anti-Western) government. They were not stupid, they knew what they were doing – they did it for the money.
    I am not strongly decided on the Israel question, but we should know that Israel has been intolerant to (often Palestinian) Christians. Its government has often the same defective policies as Western leftist governments, and they have not always acted only in defence. Zionism is part of the government ideology, and we should be careful in saying whether we support Israel or not. The neocons are lying – Israel is not a country when Christianity is fully tolerated. I would defend it as a legitimate State (illegitimately established), I would defend the Palestinians as nationalists whose national pride is being spit on.

More, coming soon.


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