Will I eat Oreos?

For a month, I didn’t eat Oreos. It wasn’t because of fasting. The first two weeks, it was because I didn’t have the occasion – there were no Oreos home, I didn’t think about them. But then, I read that they were supporting the Gay Pride. I saw the mocked woman (what a surprise – liberals’ love is in the air!) who said she’s going to boycott Oreos. I thought that it’d be good to do it, like this people will be aware of my position, despite that it sounded a little funny. “Well, I said, at least people will now know what I think if they ask, and Oreos won’t gain any money from me.”

Then I thought that the rich bourgeois, those that produce Oreos, for example, were always conformists. The Roman bourgeois, Christendom’s bourgeois, Victorian bourgeois,… and today’s bourgeois. If it will give you a better position in society, it is good. They do all this to sell their product. Surely, Chick-Fil-A is popular in the US because of the controversy it created and thus it attracted people who don’t support the LGBT ideology, but capitalism’s morals were generally “as long as it sells well, it is good”. So it is with Oreos.

So, now I eat Oreos. My family didn’t stop buying them, even when I decided I will not eat them, and I find it useless. I may boycott pro-choice organizations by donating to smaller organizations, or boycott a democratic government by not voting, but the “boycott Oreos” cause doesn’t exist yet, not to my knowledge. There are bigger things to boycott than pro-perversion biscuits and better things to support (and to eat – for US readers) than conservative Christian chicken. The same goes for the pro-perversion bourgeois from Kraft, Facebook, etc. etc.


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